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Premium grade %100 virgin unprocessed hair. All hair is a natural brown between a 1b-2.  With proper care, hair bundles can last up to 1 years or longer.  Hair can be coloured and remain healthy if coloured properly.  Our hair is soft, tangle free and does not shed.  


Bundles have a silky smooth feel that can be styled in any style of your choice. You are able to wear our straight hair as its natural texture or it can be wanded/curled very easily.  Once washed, the hair will go back to its natural texture. 

.Hair's natural colored bundles come directly from temples. Each individual bundle weighs on average 3.5-4 ounces. Our hair is 100% PURE virgin raw hair.  All our hair cuticles go in the straight direction, are intact and extremely strong to truly make this hair THE GREATEST EVER.   We have NO synthetic mixes or coatings (such as silicon) on our hair. With proper maintenance, this hair will last you YEARS!

(9) Bundles (kilo) Body Wave

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